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Behind Magnolia and Lace

I finally decided to join the internet world of blogging and i feel like it will be an adventure for the both of us. You know, since neither of us have the slightest clue what could come out of my mouth? But in all seriousness I hope that my blog will come as a good landing spot at the end of a long day and that this may bring a distraction, a chuckle, or maybe even some creative inspiration for recipes, floral design, party details and planning, Home Renovations, Styling hacks, Adventures and everything in between. So without further ADO -


I am a Wife and mother to 3 boys and 3 angel Babes, and since i put that out there can we just call them boys because .. who are we kidding?

My husband and i met when we were 15 years old but i think heavenly father knew me,and knew i wasn't ready for him, and he saved my Adam for me a few short years later when we reconnected at 23. I remember meeting up to see him to catch up that first time after 5 years apart, and feeling this unfamiliar peace and serene home kind of feeling. Later that night as i drove home i remember thinking - more like yelling. " this is it, there goes all those single flight attendant plans. Kiss it all goodbye."

And it was over and flew away faster than a commercial jet could get off the ground. That was it. He was the one to light my soul on fire. And Boy did he, but he also ignited my passion for floral and brought out talents, and creativity i didn't even knew existed in me. I was the happiest I had ever been and because of that the creativity ( whether he likes it or not) Just flows. After seven years he still does just that but sometimes when he lights my "soul on fire" its also because hes snoring or leaves his work stuff everywhere.

Adam and I married on August 4th and soon came Cohen, Beckham, My Lupus and Sjogrens Diagnoses, and all the new Challenges that came with it. All i am saying is that Beckham better be a doctor because he owes me. And i plan on collecting.

Around the beginning of this time is when i started the firat tiny steps of my long journey in creating my own company, and started my unwavering obsession with the art of floral.

In between those four years after Beckham lies the challenging, emotional, longing, loss, and medical obstacles that made me listen more to the still small quiet burning in my heart, and to develop a deep connection of trust and gratitude, and patience to my heavenly father. The humbling connection was more than i ever had or needed before, and it that Finally Led us to our Sweet Baby Connor Luke.

Man, did i work for that baby. I really had the odds against me with a horrible track record of pregnancies, miscarriages, scary deliveries, on top of Two new auto immune diseases that made it that much more of a risk. But just like his daddy, Th worth it. That curly Blonde haired boy that i had dreamed of just a year before has been the sweetest and most humbling blessing that has ever been entrusted to me. Its funny how life works out and I'm sure i will feel the same way in ten years. I am so excited and anxious to share our journey of intimate family triumphs, mile stones, business growth, Family traditions, Successes and OF COARSE my sweet brides and their beautiful days that they have trusted me with. So ill leave this here with - what would YOU like to know about me? let me know in the comments! I'm excited to get to know all of you and learn what makes you YOU through this blogging journey.


Ali McD

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