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Halloween and a farmhouse Twist 🖤🧡

Two things you will notice with my decorating and lifestyle is we’re big on traditions and we’re big on everything white! There’s just something glam about white sparkiling garland and reindeer for Christmas, a white and pretty muted fall palette for thanksgiving, and a spooky white canvas with striking black pops for Halloween.

Something I thought a lot about before having these three handsome boys was tradition. What did I want them to remember when they got older? What would make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they started their family and looked back on what they did as kids? We’re still growing our family and still finding the right fit for our new generation of McDermott traditions but something fun we do every Halloween time is my fancy Halloween Dinner in a pumpkin. The boys love it and it’s a good excuse for me to pull out my fancy dish wear and chargers and to make Halloween a little more special.

The casserole is a creamy chicken vegetable that leaves you trick or treating with full warm tummies. The recipe is by Mel’s kitchen ( one of my Favorite recipe bloggers) I do add my own twist with doubling her spices and baking each casserole in

their own little pumpkins. My boys love the fact that they get to actually eat dinner out of the pumpkin and the cooked pumpkin sides add a yummy , warm addition to the casserole. This year we paired our fancy Halloween dinner with a Candy corn colored drink and homemade Carmel apples for dessert! After that it was off to a fun night of trick or treating for these cute incredibles! I’ll share all the recipes below-

-All the fun Deets -

Mel’s kitchen cafe dinner in a pumpkin : https://www.melskitchencafe.com/dinner-in-a-pumpkin/

candy corn colored drink :

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pinterest.com/amp/onecreativemom1/holidays-halloween-candy-corn/ ( I also added coconut cream)

Homemade Carmel apples :


enjoy! 🖤🧡

Photos by Amy Hudson

Happy halloween!


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