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Our Thanksgiving Table Spread

You better believe we had our floral and tablescape planned weeks - maybe even months ago if we are coming totally clean! Because hello! florals are life, BUT i guess a close second for thanksgiving is the food and the warmth it brings your home to share it with family. So we are dishing everything that will be on our table this year, Some traditional, and some firsts this year. Whats on your table for thanksgiving? I want to hear all your must haves and traditions below!


Appetizers this year i went with my traditional sausage and Parmesan stuffed Mushrooms and deviled eggs. One of my favorite things are these creamy savory mushrooms, they are pretty easy to make so i also sneak them in for Christmas as well. GUYS, you just have to try these!


I feel like i have tried a lot of deviled egg recipes so far, probably too many, but i always come back to this one. It will be making another appearance this year and with a five star rating and 148 reviews i think you will enjoy these babies -



OK. lets get straight to te point and talk everything turkey! I am trying something new this year and doing a bone in turkey in the crock pot. I KNOW, I KNOW, no oven roasting for me! But i think my body will thank me later after spending at least two hours less in the kitchen. And i think my soul will as well by not having dreams the night before about how i burned the turkey and caught the house on fire so instead, ill dream of the crock pot catching flames. (Hello, this is US) This recipe is from Mels Kitchen Cafe - I have said this before but everything she makes is mouth watering so i am ecstatic to try this one!




For sides this year i have stuck to tradition and a little to what my inner fat amy wants .. i mean its thanksgiving right? Mashed Potatoes are a must for me but Funeral potatoes are a staple for the hubby. Ill just come out and say it , WE ARE HAVING BOTH! Just like that Oprah meme, for thanksgiving you get some , and you get some, AND FAT AMY GETS SOME! i Love this recipe from i do add my own twist on it and pit a half a cup of sour cream in it. The sour cream adds a rich creamy flavor that im sure only blocks two of your arteries when all is said and done. Who needs those two anyway?

Garlic Parmesan Mashed Potatoes

Moving on to the funeral potatoes i decided this year i am going to give these babies from plainchciken.com a shot but i am tweaking the recipe just a bit and putting the top layer of butter and cornflakes just like you would with a normal recipe,



Green Bean Casserole is another staple for our Thanksgiving table and once again i have to give a shout out to my girl Melskitchencafe because shes on my list again. I love how savory this casserole is and the crunch it leaves. My mouth is watering just thinking about this tasty dish!





I ahve saved the best for last with these yummy caramel apple cheesecake bars with streusel topping and red ribbon salad. We will also be adding some yummy coconut cream and boysenberry pie as well as our traditional costco pumpkin pie! SO lets hear it! wjats on your thanksgiving menu??



Happy Thanksgiving!


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