• Ali McD

The season of Pumpkin Spice 🍁🍂

Can we just have a moment of silence with how fast fall went? I feel like the more kids I add to my dinner table the faster the whirlwind of the holidays go, and yes Fall is a holiday at our house! It always starts with the crisp cool air slowly showing up in the evenings , our traditional pumpkin spice cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese topping in the oven, pumpkin spice , pumpkins everywhere you turn and ends with a savory thanksgiving spread with family .

I have been trying hard to fall more in love with everything fall and living in the moment , which means those pretty flocked wreaths and trees are on hold until the night of thanksgiving. I know, I’m starting some controversy! This year I wanted to get excited about my fall decor and to not fall into the temptation of mixing holidays. I feel like that happens because our fall decor options after Halloween is pretty slim to none So It challenged me to get creatIve.

I started with the perfect unique fall color palette. Part of my turkey everything adversion is the chocolate browns tones, reds, and orange. It’s just not something that calls my name and I have a feeling it’s the same way for others. Instead, I chose a soft nuetrals and Lots of greens.

Most of my decor is from Joann’s this year and thanks to their amazing sales most of my holiday decor was 70% off! My velvet , blue, green, and cream pumpkins are from the target dollar section and when I waited till after Halloween they were a whopping .30 cents each, so let’s jusy say I loaded up that Cart! The pretty pampas grass wreath is dried to last for the next season and is by yours truely and can be purchased on www.magnoliaandlace.com . My statement piece this year was my mantle, I loaded it with pretty neutral pumpkins, and tons of texture and greenery all from hobby lobby ( all of coarse purchased when their garland and greenery were 50% off)

It was refreshing to bring to life a season that most often gets skipped thanks to the awkward transition of Halloween, But with a good color palette to Start with I promise you will give Fall a second chance too and play a little hard to get next year with Christmas. After all, the best things in life are worth the wait right?

So let’s see it! What’s your fall style?!


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