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“ Forever on thanksgiving day the heart will find the Pathway home.”

Some of my greatest Thanksgiving memories as a child are always centered around my grandma Gayle and the bright light that she was. I vividly Remember watching her cook, clean, and prepare for thanksgiving dinner like it was just last year. I watched her set out her nice dishes and China with satisfaction , and lovingly set up her Thanksgiving tables for all the family to enjoy.

I remember at a young age being in awe with how she managed to complete everything with such grace and beauty for Thanksgiving dinner. I treasure the memories I have of my grandmother and the magic that she tried to keep in my childhood with every planned holiday, I always wonder to this day what Her events might look like if she were still alive. Her beauty and kindness always made me feel safe, cherished and extremely loved, she made me feel like I mattered and was home. When she passed in 2000 that’s the one thing i truely longed for until I met my husband and finally felt “home” again. I know she had a hand in that and I smile every time I think of her on thanksgiving.

It’s interesting how much time can go by when you lose a loved one yet how strong the ache in your heart for them Remains, even 18 years later. I keep her memory alive by trying to make the holidays a warm and inviting atmosphere for my boys just like she did with her grandkids.

” Forever on Thanksgiving Day the heart will find the pathway home”

Thanksgiving was nothing short of a dream boat this year filled with warm vibrant colors, family, and good food! Every other year Adams family from California makes the pioneer trek to Utah ( see what I did there?) and spends thanksgiving with us! It’s a growing tradition that I I truly look forward to Every other year. Watching my boys play and love on their uncles , And snuggle their grandma and make memories just like I did really just makes the holiday that much more magic!

I started planning out my table scape before actually plan Thanksgiving dinner, because we definitely live the florist life over here. - I went with a slightly different color palette this year with a jewel toned and rich but feminine color scheme. I don’t know why but I have a really hard time getting into the browns, blah yellows and cherry reds that normally make up thanksgiving. I know I know!!! How dare I say such a thing?! im daring to break the thanksgiving mold! Because of that, I decided my color palette would include rich Mustards, deep red wines , touches of rust , blush, creamy orange, and lots of greenery to wrap it all together.

I scoured out all the pumpkin patches the day after Halloween, and found a cute local one where all the pumpkins were free as long as we picked them and hauled them away! ( which by the way will totally be my new tradition for thanksgiving)! I decided to soothe the rich color palette that I had for floral with grays, sage, and cream pumpkins. Greatest score with the free pumpkins, and made a cheap table scape which my husband was very grateful for.

If you don’t know me yet you know that I’m all about textures and layering which is exactly what I did for this table scape. Sometimes I really have to resist not taking up the entire table when I do a table scape because I feel like who needs food when you have gorgeous eye candy in front of you??? For some reason not all of my family feel the same and so I did spare my husband a small space for plates for his Thanksgiving dinner.

I finished off the table with little touches of rose gold votives and classy battery operated votive candles Due to my PTSD with my older boys. You know you’re a true boy mom when you think of all the little scenarios that COULD happen on a daily basis but the difference between a first time group opted mom and a mom of three boys is that it’s no longer narcotic worry and more like everyday life. nothing Survives with fire survives in their sweet angelic presence. This is the hunger games and you will never win against them. Neither did the innocent Disney character thrown secretively In a preheated oven, and the unsuspecting toys in toasters as they push down the button and calmly saunter away like a well experienced oceans 12 criminal who just walked off with the jewels. Who does that?! They do. The McDermott Boys Do, and I honeetly Think they like my reaction.

I decided this year to take a leap of faith In Pinterest and make a turkey in a crockpot and I dont say this lightly but - it was LIFE CHANGING!! This home will be making thanksgiving Turkey in the crockpot for years to come. I’m telling you guys if you have not tried this it’s a must for your sanity and your sleep on Thanksgiving! Another hit was my cream of corn recipe which I have attached in my last post with my thanksgiving line up.

A little something that we like to do with my kids around the Thanksgiving table is to go around and share what we’re thankful. Its always so sweet to hear what my little boys come up with and what thet are greatful for in their life. Unless your Cohen who literally could not come with up with a single thing that he was grateful for this year. You win some you lose some right? I’m grateful for my future CEO who is going to run the world one day and when he does I’m hoping for a nice nursing home on the beach because I mean come on, I survived him into adulthood.


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